Verizon iPad 2 Owner Up in Arms over Reboot Problem

Apple's second generation slate might be the belle of the tablet ball, but for some, it continues to be a headache inducing slate. Adding to the list of problems that plague the iPad 2, we're now hearing complaints that Verizon's 3G iPad 2 sometimes needs to be rebooted in order to connect to 3G after previously switching it off.

The problem has cropped up in an Apple Support forum thread that now spans 6 pages. The thread opens with one user saying, "When I try to connect to the cellular data it just says iPad or Searching in the top of the screen. It did not work last night. If I do a hard reset I can get it to work. Switching Airplane mode on and off to reset the modem does NOT work."

He's not alone. Others in the thread have chimed in with similar stories, and at least one user says that restoring the iPad doesn't help. The problem doesn't appear to affect AT&T versions, only the CDMA models associated with Verizon.

The iPad 2, while arguably still the best tablet money can buy, has been marred by a handful of problems. In addition to this latest one, users continue to complain that the FaceTime camera sometimes freezes when exiting and re-entering the app, requiring a reboot to fix it. Yet others voiced concerns about a yellowish tint around the border, likely due to the glue not having a chance to dry. All this, and the iPad 2 is still in short supply.