Verizon Faces Two-Pronged Attack As Apple Helps Its BFF, AT&T

Apple has decided it's time to defend its BFF, AT&T, which has been under assault by Verizon over its 3G network. A pair of new Apple ads pick at the parts of Verizon's network that are vulnerable to back up its iPhone partner.

Both of the new iPhone ads aim to remind folks that Verizon's CDMA network can't support both voice and data connections at the same time. Thus, if you're on the phone, you can't get an email or browse the web simultaneously. Watch the video for "Did You See My Email" below:

Watch the video for "What Time's The Movie" below, which shows the iPhone using different applications to find a movie while staying connected on a call:

The only problem we see with this conjecture is that it assumes that your call isn't dropped, as it is with 30% of the calls in, for example, New York City.
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