Verizon Exec Confirms CDMA iPad Coming

Francis Shammo, chief financial officer of Verizon Communications Inc., confirmed what we already assumed: Verizon will soon have an iPad that can connect to its network without use of additional hardware. Currently, Verizon sells the iPad, but 3G connectivity for those who want it comes via a MiFi hotspot, which can provide connectivity for up to five devices.

Simply stated, there will soon be a CDMA version of the iPad. Whether that comes in the form of an iPad 2, which was already reported to be coming in three versions (CDMA, GSM, and wi-fi only), or sooner than that, is unclear.

Since October, Verizon has been selling the iPad, along with its MiFi mobile hotspot device for $629.99 to $829.99. That pricing is the same as the 3G-connected version, which can connect directly to AT&T’s network.

It's been expected for some time that with a Verizon iPhone would also come a Verizon iPad. Unlike the iPhone, there won't be any shortcomings vs. the AT&T network with regards to simultaneous voice / data support, as the iPad is not a phone.

Apple usually runs its devices on an annual refresh cycle; since the iPad is due for a refresh in April, the odds are that Apple will wait until then to introduce CDMA support with an iPad 2. Of course, that's all speculation, at this point.
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