Verizon Doesn't Care What You're Jabbering Into

Verizon is touting what they refer to as "Any Device, Any App."  They want to settle on a universal wireless technical specification that any maker of wireless devices can use to offer their goods for use on any network. Verizon asserts that the smartphone market in America is less robust than elsewhere because hardware from various **cough** Apple**cough** manufacturers is not usable across wireless services. 

The carrier said version 1.0 of its specs will be released at its Open Development Device Conference beginning March 19 in New York City. It said the conference will "focus on how traditional device and consumer electronics companies and entrepreneurs new to the wireless ecosystem can bring new wireless devices to the marketplace" under its Open Development Initiative.

Verizon Vice President Anthony A. Lewis said the specs will provide a "road map for wireless-device visionaries and tinkerers, as well as existing device makers," to create products not offered by Verizon but which can run on its network.

Since Verizon is in the wireless service business, they'd probably prefer all hardware questions to be superfluous to them. But it's not solely self-interest, either; it's wasteful to chain devices to service plans, and it impedes progress in general for devices. Open access is the wave of the future.
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