Verizon Doesn't Care About Copper Anymore

Verizon offers discounts to their customers if they bundle services like Internet, television, and landline phones. But with up to 15 percent of US homes now foregoing having a landline at all, Verizon realized they were missing out on opportunities to offer a package of services to people who have said goodbye to copper wires forever. They've decided to offer special pricing to customers who carry their phone in their pocket instead of screwing it to the wall.

The discount applies to DSL service with downloads at 3 megabits per second, and to FiOS, or fiber-optic, broadband at up to 20 megabits per second. The fastest DSL plan, at 7 mbps, and the fastest FiOS, at 50 mbps, are not eligible for the bundle.

Adding FiOS TV, Verizon's cable-TV service, on top of wireless and broadband yields another $8 a month in savings. The discount does not apply to the satellite TV service Verizon markets from DirecTV.

So if you're the cutting edge type that's said goodbye to the landline altogether, you're only problem will go back to being 800 channels and nothing's on.

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