Verizon Details Shared Data Plans Slated to Launch June 28

After months of anticipation, Verizon today finally and officially lifted the wraps on its Share Everything data plans, which are set to go into effect starting June 28, 2012 (a little over two weeks from now). The new plans allow subscribers to share a single data cap with up to 10 devices, negating the need to purchase separate data plans for additional gadgets like tablets, as well as multiple family members each wielding smartphones.

Pricing starts at $50 per month for 1GB of shared data, along with unlimited talk and texting. If that's not enough, Verizon will also offer 2GB for $60, 4GB for $70, 6GB for $80, 8GB for $90, and 10GB for $100. Mobile Hotspot, currently an premium add-on, will be included with all Share Everything plans. Sounds like a killer deal, right? Not so fast.

There's also a monthly line access charge for each device, which breaks down as follows:
  • Smartphones: $40/month
  • Basic Phones: $30/month
  • Jetpack/Netbooks/Notebooks/USBs: $20/month
  • Tablets: $10/month

Let's say mom and pop both own a smartphone and little Johhny has a dumbphone and they decide the 4GB plan is right for them. The total monthly bill is $180 ($40 smartphone + $40 smartphone + $30  dumb phone + $70 for 4GB). That's not obscene, but it's not stellar, either. Where the Share Everything plans have more value is for individuals or families who want to add tablets, which run $10/month a pop.

As far as overages go, Verizon will charge $15 per 1GB. And if you need more than 10GB/month, Verizon says you can log in to your account and add 2GB for $10.

What are your thoughts on Verizon's Share Everything plans?