Verizon Data Caps Coming?

We suspected as much when Verizon released its MyVerizon Android app with a data counter widget, and it appears it's coming. Reports are that Verizon is set to join AT&T in dropping truly unlimited data plans.

Hey, to look at it with a positive spin, it could be because they are expecting the long-rumored Verizon iPhone soon, and want to get ready.

AT&T allowed those who already had data plans to grandfather in, and keep their packages, so let's hope Verizon will do the same. It's expected that since these two carriers tend to follow each other's moves closely, that Verizon's plans will be similar to AT&T's: $15 for 200MB, $25 for 2GB.

Perhaps, and we can only hope, Verizon will add a third tier above those two, but it remains to be seen. The enGadget tipster said changes could happen as early as the end of this month.