Verizon And AT&T Square Off With Beefier Data Plans, Slash Prices To Lure Customers In

Recently, Sprint went on the offensive with its data plan by offering families 1GB of shared data for $20 per month and introducing a double data plan that offers 20GB for $100. In response, Verizon and AT&T have fired back with their own updated data plans to entice consumers over to their services.

On Friday, Verizon announced a price reduction for its $100  and $110 per month plans. Effective November 1, new and existing customers who go with the company’s new "More Everything" plan will receive 10GB for $80 and 15GB for $100. In addition, Verizon is also offering a $150 port-in credit for consumers who switch to their service and purchase a new 4G LTE smartphone with a two-year contract or sign up under its Edge program.

As for AT&T, the company announced that it is also offering updated data plans. While it’s introductory data plans are still the same at $20 (300MB) and $25 (1GB), its other data plans have had the data cap increased. Customers who pay $40 per month will now have a data plan of 3GB, up from 2GB, and $80 offers 6GB instead of 4GB.