Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB Storage Drives Released

It's not unusual these days to see an aftermarket car stereo with a USB port. Most of these players have USB sockets in order to give users the ability to easily load up MP3 files that they may have stored on a thumb drive, but the issue that most run into has nothing to do with the player -- it's the drive. A typical USB thumb drive is pretty long -- at least 2 or 3 inches -- and with that sticking out of your dash, all it takes is one accident to rip your drive in two.

Verbatim is helping to solve that problem with their Store 'n' Go USB car audio drives. These mini USB thumb drives are incredibly small, and are about the size of Logitech's Unifying receiver nub. The company claims that these are no larger than a Euro coin, and they're hardly noticeable once inserted into a USB port. The 8GB version can easily store around 2,000 track, and it is available now for around 18 Euros. There's no mention of a U.S. price or ship date, but hopefully they'll be coming soon.

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go USB Car Audio Storage. The Perfect USB Drive for Car Radios


CITY, 10 March 2011 – The majority of music nowadays is mainly stored and played using MP3 files. With car radios increasingly supporting USB ports, Verbatim has specially developed a USB drive that can fit perfectly into a car radio USB slot, making it the ideal way to store and listen to all your favourite MP3 music while motoring. No bigger than a Euro coin, the innovative USB drive is barely noticeable once inserted into a USB port and can store up to 2000 audio tracks – more than enough for any road trip.  The 8GB Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Audio USB is available in stores now at €18 (8GB) (RRP).
Audio USB Car Stereo

• 8GB storage capacity
• Only 2g in weight
• Smaller than a Euro coin, only 5mm is left protruding when inserted
• Can be left semi-permanently in radios, laptops, netbooks, digital photo frames etc.
• Works with PC and Mac operating systems

In being only 17.15mm long x 14.85mm wide x 7.7mm deep, when inserted into the USB port only 5mm of the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Audio USB is left protruding, meaning that it can be kept in the car radio on a semi-permanent basis and used as a long-term storage extension. No damaged USB or USB Port any longer hitting the Storage exidently. And as with any standard USB drive, Verbatim’s Audio USB can also be used in any computer or gadget with a USB 2.0 port - anything from netbooks, table PCs, digital picture frames to desktop PCs.
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