VerbalVictor App Helps Child Communicate, Only $10 In App Store

Far too often these days, we're bombarded with bad news. Delays, price increases, you name it. But every so often, a truly touching story comes along and makes you wonder why you don't hear about even more positive things. With the holiday season upon us, there's no better time to think about family and realize that's truly important, and when that comes together with technological innovation, well that's a story we're happy to share. The Associated Press has a new report on Victor Pauca, a 5-year old in North Carolina that has been given a unique gift this Christmas.

He's gained the ability to communicate, and rather than relying on an expensive machine to do so, he's simply using an iPad and a new piece of software. Victor has a rare disease that has delayed his development when it comes to speech, and in order to help him out, his father and a few students at Wake Forest University have built an app for the iPhone and iPad that transforms the tablet's screen into a method for communicating.

The app should go on sale for just $10 by next week, and it's just one of a few dozen that are emerging in order to make communications more of a reality for disabled individuals. VerbalVictor is the name, and it's being used in place of other machines that cost upwards of $1000. The app is already making a difference in at least one life, and many parents are eager to try it out in their own home shortly. Nothing like a good smile to really warm up your day.
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