Velocity Micro Now Offering Custom-Built PCs With Haswell Inside

Every so often, Intel releases a refreshed processor range -- and then every major OEM on the planet tries to shove those CPUs into their machines as fast as humanly possible. Origin PC is already on the bandwagon, and now, so is Velocity Micro. The PC builder has just announced that Haswell chips, Intel's 4th generation Core line, are being planted in its lineup. Custom built, made-in-the-USA 4th Generation Intel Core processor systems from Velocity Micro start at just $1524.

“Because we make some of the most reliable, well-built desktops in the world, our customers expect nothing but the very latest hardware,” said Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro. “Intel has been the leader in processor technology for years now and we’re honored to be able to offer these new CPUs to our customers on launch day to satisfy their craving for the best of the best available.”

Here's a bit from the company: "By pairing the increased performance and additional features of 4th Generation Intel Core processors with meticulous hand craftsmanship and obsessive quality control, Velocity Micro has created a desktop that is not only quiet and reliable, but also capable of setting record benchmarks. Improved on board graphics allow home and office users to configure a powerful and affordable PC that doesn’t require discrete graphics to edit video, game casually, or perform other basic tasks. Additionally, the improved efficiency of the new Intel chip will allow the boutique PC maker to develop gaming notebooks long on both muscle and battery life, to be available in the coming weeks."

So, they'll ship in a few weeks, which you gives you at least a small window of time to sell everything you need to in order to upgrade. That's the plan, right?