VBox Cats Eye DTA-150 HDTV Tuner

Those of you who are thinking about adding an DTV tuner to your rigs will be interested in this review at HTPC News.  They evaluate the VBox Cat's Eye DTA-150 HDTV tuner and ended up linking it very much.  It's kind of a simple looking card, but it got the job done.

"DTV is absolutely amazing the first time you lay eyes on it. In fact, it is shocking how much better it will look over standard definition broadcasts. Of course nothing in life is a cakewalk. Poor signal reception, driver problems and hardware compatibility can hamper the effort for broadcast HDTV nirvana. That, of course, always leads to a grumpy significant other. In our ever constant attempts to reach the perfect HTPC we will be testing the VBox "Cat's Eye" DTA-150 to see if it measures up to our needs."


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