Valve Updates SteamOS Beta With Dual Boot "Expert Install" Capability

Valve’s SteamOS was always designed to be open so others could tinker with it, and a couple of chaps have made some modifications that, with the collaboration of Valve, bring some choice new features to the operating system.

Valve posted a link to a new SteamOS ISO along with a note about what it does. The premiere features are dual-boot capabilities and custom partitioning. This means that you can install SteamOS and Windows side-by-side on one machine (which some of the manufacturers that announced Steam Machines at CES have done) using the “Expert Install” option. The new ISO also allows users to install SteamOS on systems on non-UEFI systems.

Valve SteamOS

Valve incorporated several changes created by users directhex and ecliptik with their Ye Olde SteamOSe--which is a completely fabulous name, incidentally. Valve was also careful to warn users that this new ISO has barely been tested, so it could definitely bork your system. Perhaps that makes it more of an alpha release than a beta, but in any case, it’s there for you to try out.

See kids, this is what happens when smart gamer types work together.