Valve Announces Steam for Linux Beta for Experienced Users

As we noted earlier, Valve is digging into a Linux version of Steam and the Source engine. Rather than open the Beta to everyone, the software publisher is looking for a small pool of players to test the new platform. Understandably, Valve wants experienced Linux users and has previously stated that people who are considering getting into Linux for the first time should sit out the Valve Linux Beta. If you’re a Linux guru and a Steam fan, though, your chance to prove it and earn a spot in the Beta pool has arrived.

Valve Linux Steam Survey

Got Linux? Get your game on.

The Beta Application asks the kind of questions you might expect, such as “Which Linux distribution will you be running Steam on?” Other questions are aimed at getting a feel for the type of computer you plan to use for the Beta. Valve is looking for system diversity, so users who make their PCs out to be badder than they really are will find that it won’t help and might backfire.

Valve has previously stated that the Valve Linux Beta will include Steam and a Valve game, which we think will likely be Left 4 Dead 2, based on the Valve Linux team’s blog posts. The software will be 32-bit initially and has indicated that Ubuntu will be the preferred Linux operating system.
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