VAIO Brand Returning To United States With 12.3-Inch Canvas Z Tablet

Vaio computers are coming back to the U.S., but much has changed since Sony sold off its struggling PC business last year and the new owners, Japan Industrial Partners' Vaio Corp pulled the brand from the U.S. The company now feels prepared to reenter the U.S. market and will soon launch a tablet called the Vaio Z Canvas at Microsoft retail stores.

The Vaio Canvas Z is a 12.3-inch tablet with a built-in stand and a detachable keyboard. Expected to have an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of memory, the tablet should be a performance beast. Vaio Corp also plans to load the Canvas Z with a 256GB SSD for storage.

JIP Vaio Canvas Z
Vaio Canvas Z

Vaio Corpfaces a tough market, but it has a different strategy for the Vaio than Sony did. The new company plans to build high-end devices and leave the mainstream squabble to the established manufacturers. Sony, on the other hand, had devices ranging from mainstream to high(ish) end. With prices expected to start at about $2,199, the new Vaio devices seem to be targeted at the Apple crowd, but whether the company can convince Mac users to switch remains to be seen. The same goes for customers who would normally pick up Dell’s high end systems.

Sony sold the Vaio brand to JIP in early 2014 after failing to find a profitable niche in the depressed PC market. Sony continues to provide support for the systems it sold before exiting the business, but the company has warned users not to upgrade to Windows 10 because it hasn’t yet created related drivers. That’s an annoyance that may shape the opinions of some potential customers when the new Vaios hit store shelves in early October.

Long-term, JIP plan to produce a variety of electronics devices, including wearable tech. The company plans to eventually get as much as half of its income from non-PC products.
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