U.S. Post Office to Honor Steve Jobs with Commemorative Postage Stamp in 2015

There are generally two places the United States Post Office is willing to put your mug -- one is on the wall in the lobby featuring the FBI's "Most Wanted" criminals, and the other is on a postage stamp. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will occupy the latter in 2015 as one of several collectables for the year. He'll be in good company, too.

Other collectable stamps in 2015 will feature Elvis Presley, James Brown, Robert Robinson Taylor, Johnny Carson, Ingrid Bergman, the Peanuts gang, science fiction writers, and others, including events.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs already has a statue, and in 2015 he'll also have a stamp commemorating him.

It's a bit unusual to be privy to stamp subjects so far ahead of time, but The Washington Post managed to gets its paws on a document listing who and what will be featured for the next several years. Many of the upcoming stamps are being designed right now, though the one that will bear Jobs has not yet been made.

The list is subject to change at any time, though it would be surprising if Jobs fell off. Jobs not only co-founded Apple, he helped return the company to prominence (and profitability) before handing the reins over to Tim Cook due to worsening health issues that would ultimately take his life in 2011.