US ISPs Begin Disconnecting Pirates And Copyright Violators

There’s a complicated battle that persists between prolific copyright violators, ISPs, and rights holders who want to take the violators down. The Internet has been the ideal place to pirate and distribute digital wares, and thus managing the issue has been problematic.

However, according to TorrentFreak, a privacy monitoring firm called Rightscorp has been aggressively encouraging ISPs to disconnect those subscribers who are repeat (and presumably, particularly egregious) offenders. The company identifies certain offenders and contacts them via the ISP, and it asks the ISP to send along settlement demands. In the most severe cases, Rightscorp asks the ISP to disconnect the pirate.


How extensive has this gone so far? “We push ISPs to suspend accounts of repeat copyright infringers and we currently have over 140 ISPs that are participating in our program, including suspending the accounts of repeat infringers,” Rightscorp CEO Christopher Sabec told the outlet.

Reportedly, larger ISPs such as AT&T and Comcast are less enthusiastic about complying with Rightscorp’s plan (Charter appears to be an exception), so that “140” is comprised more of smaller ISPs.

Still, disconnecting subscribers is a fairly serious step. The fact that any ISPs are complying is notable.