Upgrade Your T-Mobile Smartphone Or Tablet As Often As You Like, If You Can Afford To ‘JUMP!’

T-Mobile is going to change its JUMP! smartphone trade-in program on February 23rd so that instead of waiting 6 months to swap out your old phone for a hot new one, you can perform the trade-in any time you want and as often as you like. That’s an exciting development for a certain segment of users no doubt, and that freedom is certainly attractive to all users, but you if you’re planning to be a frequent upgrader you’d better be ready to smash that piggy bank.

Here’s the (new) deal: You can trade in your device to T-Mobile and upgrade to a new handset, and the company will pay for any remaining cost of the original device up to 50%. That means in order to take advantage of the option, you’ll need to have paid 50% yourself. You also need to be paying into the EIP (Equipment Installment Program).

Image Source: Flickr (Evil Erin)

Thus, if you like high-end devices and want a new one every few months, you’ll be dropping a few hundred bucks before each trade-in.

Existing JUMP! users will still be able to maintain the same deal they’ve had already, and if they want to take advantage of the new plan, they’ll have to wait until their next upgrade cycle.

Finally, the new JUMP! options will encompass tablets, as well, so you can be assured that you always have the hottest new (smartphone and tablet) hardware as a T-Mobile customer.