Upgrade To The Refreshed Nintendo Switch For $75 At GameStop With This Hot Trade-In Deal

If you have an original Nintendo Switch, now might be the opportune time to upgrade to a new upgraded model. The folks over at GameStop are running an enticing trade-in offer on the original Nintendo Switch, which will get you an additional $25 bonus added on to the console's trade-in value.

nintendo switch

Usually, GameStop will offer $200 if you trade-in a Nintendo Switch in working condition. However, that value is boosted to $225 with its limited-time promotion (which runs through September 15th). So, if your Nintendo Switch is looking a little worse for the wear (and is still working), you can take that $225 and put it towards the revised model which is priced at the same $300 as the original, bringing your total outlay to $75 (plus tax, of course).

The internally refreshed Nintendo Switch comes with a cooler running and more efficient NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor. The is the main hardware difference between it and the original model. However, that hardware upgrade is still enough to allow maximum game runtimes to extend from 6.5 hours to a much more generous 9 hours, all while using the same capacity battery.

Unfortunately, you can take advantage of this new trade-in offer to purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite. That console, which has fixed controllers, a smaller screen (5.5 inches versus 6.2 inches), and weighs about a quarter of a pound less is priced at just $199. However, Nintendo won't make the console available until September 20th, 2019, which is well past the expiration date for the GameStop deal.

To take advantage of GameStop's trade-in offer, click on this link to find a brick and mortar location new you.