Upcoming Windows PCs Pose a Threat to Apple

It's fair to say that Windows 8 has gotten off to a rocky, if not misunderstood start. At a glance, the timing couldn't be worse, with Apple's iPad cannibalizing PC sales among folks who just want to surf the Internet and check their Facebook feeds. In fact, if you count tablets, Apple is the world's top PC supplier, according to data that was recently released by Canalys. This is part of what started all that so-called "post-PC era" chatter, but don't you go believing that nonsense.

PCs are far from dead, and according to a Citibank analyst, Windows 8 will spur innovation in the PC industry that will ultimately pose a real threat to Apple, CNet reports.

Samsung ATIV

"Whereas we see limited innovation in tablets in 2H13, we see growing innovation in PCs. The growing presence of touch-based, ultrathin, all-day notebooks at improving price points (e.g., Intel requires all Haswell-based Ultrabooks to have touch and envisions price-points as low as $599) could create competition for 10-inch tablets not fully anticipated by the market," Citibank analyst Glen Yeung stated in a research note.

In other words, hybrid devices are key to wrestling market share away from the iPad, and when Haswell comes out, you're going to see some compelling PC designs that are thinner, lighter, and boast better battery life than what's on the market today.