Upcoming Rage Update To Improve Texture Detail

One of the frustrating things about Rage is the tremendous difference between the game's visuals. Some areas and scenes are simply gorgeous, particularly if you use a customized configuration file to further improve graphic fidelity. Others are pig-ugly, with textures that apparently crawled into the art resources straight from Half-Life. What's most distracting is that the two types of art assets often put in an appearance right next to each other.

Compare the box at right with the other surface textures.

Carmack has tweeted that an upcoming patch will help alleviate the issue, saying "We have a bicubic-upsample+detail texture option for the next PC patch that will help alleviate the blurry textures in Rage." Those of you who've followed Rage know that it's possible to improve image quality by forcing the game to use 8K or 16K textures, but Carmack also indicates there's a reason this doesn't help much with the biggest problem areas. "our first test of a higher res page file didn't help much, because most source textures didn't actually have any more detail."

This is precisely the sort of issue that makes sense on the XBox 360 or PS3, but should've been fixed before the PC version of the game shipped. Hopefully Doom 4 doesn't suffer from the same fate.