Unlocked Galaxy Note 4 Lands At Amazon For U.S. Customers

Word around the web is that Samsung had to push the retail release of its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4 device to anxious buyers in the U.K. from October 10 (today) to October 17, the same day that it's supposed to launch in the U.S. and in select European countries. However, if you don't feel like waiting, it appears that you can order an unlocked version from Amazon right now.

Credit goes to 9to5Google for spotting the unlocked models, which are being sold on Amazon by a third-party -- NGP_US_STORE. The unlocked and international models that are on sale come in black, white, and gold color options.

Unlocked Galaxy Note 4

As you might imagine, these unlocked devices command a king's ransom since you're paying for the handsets outright. From least to most expensive, the black model is selling for $854.88, the white model for $868.99, and the gold version for $904.48. Hey, at least shipping is free. Speaking of which, note that the gold version says "Usually ships within 6 to 10 days," whereas both the black and white show as being in stock now.

Also be aware that these SM-N910 devices are "Not for CDMA carriers like Verizon, Sprint, etc.," according to the listings. They also lack any warranties.