Unlimited Mobile Plans Causing Worldwide Cellbow Epidemic, Jabra Has A Cure

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Put the phone down! Don't you know that's harmful to your health? No, we're not too concerned about those radiation waves flowing into your brain, but more concerned about the potential damage to your arm, elbow and hand. For anyone who has held their smartphone for too long, you know the pain. It starts in your elbow, and slowly moves to your wrist and fingers. It's a tingle, a twinge, a pain that you can't quite describe. But there's no doubt about where it comes from: hoisting that phone up to your ear for too many minutes.

Jabra, a company that makes Bluetooth headsets, has made a huge effort today to get people to take notice of one of the most serious health concerns of today. Cellbow. It's a real problem, and it's affecting more and more people everyday. Have you considered what kind of harm phone use is doing to you? Your family? You should.   You could go blind even...

GotCellbow.com provides a video overview of the problem, along with links to help lead you to solving your problem. The easiest way to get rid of Cellbow (or cell phone elbow a.k.a. cubital tunnel syndrome) is to get yourself a BT headset, but please, be careful lifting it up to your ear the first time. Be safe out there, and don't let that unlimited plan ruin your elbow, arm or some other rather important appendage.  It could happen..