Ultra Is Better Than Primo, and X Is Very Futuristic

Combine a radiator that looks like it's from a 1967 Ford Fairlane, some heat paste, and a nice quiet fan, and what do you get? Enzotechnology's Ultra-X chilled overclocking goodness. BurnoutPC has the skinny with lots of pictures. And graphs. We love graphs.

The Enzotechnology Ultra-X clearly shows the lowest temperatures compared to the rest. On low fan settings this cooler is dead silent, the fan hardly spins but the temperature is only increased by 6 degrees when fully stressed. The Coolscraper 120 with the 120mm fan attached was breathing down the neck of the Ultra-X but only by little. The Ultra-X was performing better when my system wasn't over clocked, but lost the race when I clocked my cpu higher. On high fan settings this Ultra-X cooler is no longer that silent anymore, compared to the temperature drop of only a couple of degrees it's really not worth turning it up.

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