Ubuntu To Launch Touch-Enabled Operating System Today

Think Ubuntu could make a great tablet OS? So does Canonical, and it sure looks
like Canonical is jumping into the tablet OS market today. Ubuntu's website
features a giant clock that is counting down to 1PM EST today, with a hint that
can only mean touch-friendly Ubuntu tablets are in the future.

Canonical Ubuntu Tablet Countdown Clock

Actually, it's not too surprising to see a version of Ubuntu that supports
tablets. Canonical has been working feverishly on bringing Ubuntu to mobile
devices in a variety of ways and has plans for Ubuntu versions that support
smartphones and even Android-based devices. You'll be able to download Ubuntu
for certain devices, but Canonical also plans to get Ubuntu on OEM devices, as
well. The new Unity UI is key to the transition - it's a Desktop interface, but is also designed to be touch-friendly.

Obviously, Canonical will be entering a crowded field. But Ubuntu users are a
passionate bunch, so it will be interesting to see how the launch plays out.
And, we'll keep you updated as things progress today.