Ubuntu One Opens Up The Cloud For 9.04 Users

Well, well -- we suppose it was only a matter of time. Just about anyone who is anyone is diving head first into the cloud phenomenon (that includes Google, Panda, AMD and CherryPal to name a few), and thus, so will Ubuntu. What's likely the world's most well known flavor of Linux has decided to debut another varient: Ubuntu One. Canonical just got done releasing the next major update to the desktop flavor of the OS (Ubuntu 9.04), but obviously stopping there would just be too easy.

Ubuntu One, in essence, is a cloud-based computer synchronization tool that reportedly enables users to "sync files between home and office, and to share files with others, all automatically and all over the web (or cloud, depending on your choice of terminology), directly from the Ubuntu desktop." On the surface, we can't help but feel that this is a fantastic idea for Linux as a whole. After all, what better way to get more individuals interested than encourage file sharing?

Currently, the application is in Beta mode and is available by invitation only. Also of note, two different "Plans" exist: a Free 2GB model, which obviously provides 2GB of online "cloud" storage, and a 10GB monthly storage plan that runs $10 per month. Ubuntu One is really an add-on to Ubuntu 9.04 (as opposed to being a standalone app), and if the Beta pans out, we're hearing that it could come bundled in with version 9.10 (Karmic Koala) in the fall. Users who take the plunge will notice that Ubuntu One isn't only about syncing; in fact, users can also throw files in a "Shared With Me" folder in order to provide easy access for others. It's kind of like the now-defunct .Mac service in that sense.

Potentially best of all, there's also a separate web interface for times when you're away from your own Linux-based desktop, enabling Ubuntu One access from any platform. Sadly, there are no current plans to port the program to other platforms (hey, you can't kill the competitive advantage!), but those already using Ubuntu 9.04 can certainly head on over and request an invite.