Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Breaks Crowdfunding Record, Still $21.5 Million Short Of Goal

When the Pebble smartwatch hit Kickstarter looking to raise $100,000, nobody could have guessed that it would annihilate crowdfunding records and end up generating $10,266,845 in pledges. It’s far less surprising to see Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge superphone--a smartphone with tantalizing features--rack up the dollars in crowdfunding support on Indiegogo, and in fact the Edge has beaten Pebble’s record, according to Canonical.

Ubuntu Edge

At the time of this writing, the Ubuntu Edge smartphone campaign has generated $10,485,825--with 6 days to go.

That’s a staggering amount of money, to be sure, and the fact that it’s all crowdsourced is all the more impressive. Still, there’s only so much cause for celebration, as Canonical is trying to raise $32 million, which leaves it less than a third of the way to its goal--with 6 days to go.

Ubuntu Edge

$10.5 million may be a record, but Canonical will need another $21.5 million in just a few days in order for it to mean anything; otherwise, the Ubuntu Edge will be nothing more than vaporware.