Ubisoft Teases 'Far Cry Primal' Ice Age Action Game

Ubisoft is trying out a new hype-building strategy. The company started a series of tweets yesterday, each with an image of cave drawings. This morning, Ubisoft tweeted “The writing is on the wall,” this morning, along with a link to a live stream depicting a cave wall with drawings. It’s a spooky stream, complete with moody music and cinders from a nearby fire floating into view, and it likely means one thing: that Far Cry is headed to the past.

Far Cry Primal Stream

Thanks to a leak from IGN Turkey, we know that the title is likely to be Far Cry Primal. The artwork that appeared on the Twitter post shows an entirely different world than what we’ve encountered in past Far Cry titles and certainly fits with the cave wall stream Ubisoft is pointing everyone to.

So far, there are more questions than answers. Will you be traipsing through times gone by with rifle, or will you be faced with the prospect of bringing down wild beasts with primitive weapons? Kokatu reports that the setting for the new title will be the Ice Age, so unless Ubisoft has some major twists planned for the storyline, expect to engaging in brutal combat with spears and the like.

Far Cry fans were excited when the first cave drawing tweets appeared, but their collective patience has grown thin as the hype machine as gone into a second day. It seems unlikely that Ubisoft will wait much longer before unveiling the new title.
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