Ubisoft Puts Reckless Division Cheaters On Notice With Permabans

Players who cheat are ruining online gaming and those who don't are fed up with it. So are developers and publishers, some of which have begun taking stronger stances against cheating. Count Ubisoft among the bunch, as with the latest update to Tom Clancy's The Division, those caught cheating could face a permanent ban.

After applying the 1.1 update, players can report others for cheating in the PC version of The Division. All they have to do is type the /report [USERNAME] command in chat and the reported gamer's account will be flagged for closer inspection. If it's decided that the player is in fact cheating, the first offense will warrant a three-day suspension. After that, the ban becomes permanent if the player cheats again.

The Division

Ubisoft talked about the problem of online cheating during a State of the Game broadcast on Twitch. During the discussion, Ubisoft developer Yannick Banchereau said "it is something we're working on, and we should have some better solutions coming in the future." In the meantime, Banchereau also said that Ubisoft has been "catching a lot of people" using the company's own server-side methods.

At the same time, Banchereau was rather candid in saying that not all reports of cheating pan out, sometimes it's a matter of a "power gap" between players of different levels, gear, and skill.

"When you're reporting cheaters and then you see us not taking action against the guy, it could be because the guy was actually not cheating," Banchereau said.

In addition to giving gamers the ability to flag others for cheating, the 1.1 update introduces a plethora of new features, including new high-end named weapons like the Warlord: Assault Rifle, along with changes to game play and a host of bug fixes.