Uber Ride Hailing App Adds Fare Splitting For Best Buds

It seems like such an obvious feature, but Uber's car-hailing app did not have a way to easily split fares until this week. Now, at last, users can ride together without worrying about settling up later. Now, riders can just request a pick-up, tap the 'up arrow' near the driver information, tap the 'Split Fare' option, select your friend and hit 'Send.' Then, your friend will get a notification that someone is about to split a fare with them, and then can accept or reject. (But don't worry, they'll accept.)

It's the latest feature to an app + service that's truly disrupting the taxi industry at large. Still, pricing remains fairly high, but as soon as normal yellow cabs can become an integral part of the arrangement, it could become the de facto standard.

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Via:  Uber
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