UAC Annoying You? Here's A Solution.

Windows Vista brought users a new security feature called User Account Control, or UAC for short.  Some like it, some find it to be annoying, and Apple even made a humorous commercial that made fun of UAC.  Of course you can just turn UAC off, and some do, but that may or may not be the optimal solution.  After all, UAC is designed to be helpful, but not everyone wants to see it so often.  Here's a solution you can try, but please make sure your system is well protected before following these steps:

"Click Start and Control Panel. Switch to Classic View (if you haven't already) and click on the Administration Tools icon. In the list that opens click on Local Security Policy, and in the next window, Local Policies (a tiny bit redundant, but all UIs can't be perfect -- If UAC is running you'll get a UAC pop-up somewhere in here). In the Local Policies list click Security Options, and scroll down to "User Account Control: Behavior" (the full title of the policy is "User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode" but the window barely opens that far). Double-click the title and in the dialog box change its setting from "Prompt for Consent" to "Elevate without prompting." Click OK and the urge to tear your hair and scream at your PC will be greatly diminished in the future."
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