Typo Revises Litigious Keyboard For iPhone, Now Taking Pre-Orders For Typo 2

The virtual keyboard on Apple's iPhone line works pretty well, though if you're old school, you might still prefer a physical plank. Ryan Seacrest tried to rectify the situation by funding Typo, a keyboard case for the iPhone, but the end result looked a little too much like BlackBerry's iconic design. BlackBerry ultimately won a court order barring Typo Products from selling its $99 Typo Keyboard Case, prompting Seacrest to make a few tweaks. Now up for pre-order is the Typo 2.

Like the original Typo, the Typo 2 is a keyboard case for the iPhone that runs $99. Barring any litigious action, the case will ship to customers in mid-September. That remains to be seen, however, as the Typo 2 looks strikingly similar to the original Typo and still bears a strong resemblance to BlackBerry devices.

Typo 2

Nevertheless, Seacrest is confident that the changes made to the Typo 2 will keep it out of court. That includes a new lock key, backlight, and battery indicator, all of which were not included on the original.

Litigation aside, the Typo 2 adds just short of 1/4-inch in thickness and less than 3/4-inch in total length to the iPhone. The company says it achieved this by miniaturizing the components on its circuit board, using its patented TYPOTouch keyboard technology and one of the world's smallest lithium-ion batteries, which measures just 1mm in thickness.

If you're intrigued and want to place your pre-order, head over to Typo 2's website and click the blue button.