Two Year Subscription For Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro On Sale In The HotHardware Shop

If you’re in need of some quality malware protection software, we’ve got a deal going in the HotHardware Shop worth checking out. For the next six days, a two year subscription for Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro is 45% off and available for only $39...
Protect your PC with top-of-the-line antivirus software that safeguards you data and activity without slowing down your system. By combining traditional antivirus protection with innovative anti-spyware technology, Lavasoft turns your PC into an untouchable fortress, even keeping out the latest threats to hit the web.
  • Benefit from a super-fast antivirus that complements Ad-Aware’s legendary anti-spyware
  • Browse the web safely w/ rootkit protection, download protection & web filters
  • Scan your downloads regardless of the file format before they have a chance to damage your PC
  • Stay protected against the latest threats
  • Play games & watch movies without being disturbed
  • Protect yourself against cyber criminals out to steal your credit card data or banking information
  • Detect email viruses
  • Monitor network and/or system activities & block malicious intrusions
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