Twitter's Vine Grows On Windows Phone Now, Too

It took five months for Vine to show up on Android devices after launching for iOS, and another five months later the 6-second video-sharing app is available for Windows Phone, too.

The app will look and feel familiar to those who have already used it on other platforms, although there are some Windows Phone-only features such as the ability to pin your favorite Vine accounts to your device’s homescreen.

Vine for Windows Phone
Credit: Mashable

You can shoot a quick video by tapping and holding the screen, and of course you can use either your front- or rear-facing camera. Vine for Windows Phone includes camera tools such as grid and ghost, and the app lets you check out other Vines, including looking through the most popular and trending Vines, browsing channels, and finding your friends who are also using the service.

Windows Phone is a good operating system, but it needs all the help it can get to maintain any sort of footing in a mobile market completely dominated by Android and iOS. Adding a hugely popular app to the rolls will certainly help a bit.