Twitter Updates Apps To Support Direct Message Syncing And More

If you're an avid Twitter user, you're probably aware that a few kinks still exist in the system. In terms of apps, one is particularly glaring: Direct Messages that are opened and replied to on one device look as if they're unread on another device. As of today, that's changing. The company has updated seven of its apps (BlackBerry and Windows Phone excepted), with Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck being refreshed to support DM syncing.

For all of these platforms, you’ll now be able to sync direct messages (DM) across all your devices and Twitter accounts. When you read a DM on your Android phone or iPhone, it will be marked as read in your browser, your desktop apps, or your tablet. And vice versa. According to Twitter, syncing will roll out gradually: you’ll need to get the latest version of each app to ensure it works on all of your devices.

Additionally, Twitter is making improvements in search. Now when you search for people on Twitter, you may see an expanded user result that shows a full bio. This account preview makes it easier and faster to find and learn more about the accounts you’re looking for. And if you swipe the preview to the left, you’ll find similar accounts –– for example, if you search for the MLB, you’ll see suggestions for ESPN, Ken Rosenthal, and other MLB-related accounts. Additionally, a new in-app indicator in search results will show you when there are new Tweets for your query, making it easier for you to stay up to date on the latest Twitter conversation.

The devil is in the details, right?