Twitter Updates and Enhances Photo and Video Viewing Services

Twitter has been evolving fairly rapidly of late, likely because it's moving closer and closer to a legitimate business model with sponsored tweets and the like. This week, the social networking outfit has rolled out several enhancements that make it easier to view photos and videos on Twitter — in particular, on profiles and in search results.

Viewers can now see larger photos right on the page; just click a photo from a profile page or in search results to see a larger version of that photo without leaving the page. On the video front, media galleries now include videos from Vine, YouTube, Vimeo, and other partners whose videos appear in expanded Tweets.  What’s more, tweet pages now let you see more of the conversation related to a Tweet. Of course, this all encourages users to view tweets via instead of some alternate client, but that shouldn't come as any huge surprise.
Tags:  video, media, Twitter, social