Twitter Tests A Massive Jump In Character Limit, So Much For Keeping Tweets Short And Sweet

twitter blue
Since its beginning, Twitter has been known for its short and sweet Tweets. Many have appreciated not having to read Uncle Bernard's lengthy explanation of why he wears his tinfoil hat. When someone needed more characters to fully express themselves, they simply created a thread to do so. However, those days may be coming to an end with the announcement that some Twitter Blue subscribers are now able to Tweet extremely long posts.

The Tweet from the official Twitter Blue account looks like a normal Tweet at first glance. But when you click on the "Show more" option at the bottom right, it opens up a 1,200+ character dialogue. While the Tweet states that the feature is currently available to all who pay for Twitter Blue, it seems it is limited at the moment. As of this writing, as a Twitter Blue subscriber, I was still limited to 280 characters. Others who replied to the Tweet stated the same.

twitter blue tweet longer

Many of those in the comment section have expressed their dislike for the longer Tweet option. One posted, "When will we get the full rebrand to Facebook?" While another remarked, "Great, can't wait for the novels." There are a handful who seem to welcome the idea, however, seeing it as a nice replacement for creating a thread.

The post indicated that most of the other standard functions of Tweeting will still apply. You can still add a picture, use a hashtag, create a poll, or schedule the Tweet to be posted at a later date. Fortunately, the longer Tweets will be capped at 280 characters on a timeline. If someone chooses to see the rest of the Tweet, they can simply click on the "Show more" option.

Twitter also announced on its Blue support page that those who opt to pay the $8 monthly fee for Twitter Blue will soon see a reduction in ads. Elon Musk has also hinted at a more pricey subscription that will remove ads altogether.

The move to give Twitter Blue subscribers the ability to make longer posts is more than likely aimed at bloggers and content creators. Twitter Blue recently added the ability to post 60-minute-long videos, something creators have been asking for. Whether or not 14x the previous amount of characters allowed is needed for most is yet to be seen.