Twitter Testing “Mute” Feature To Keep Annoying Tweeters At Bay

Sometimes when a company rolls out a new feature, it’s such an obviously good idea that everyone wants that you barely even have to talk about it further. Such is the case with a new Twitter feature spotted in the wild that lets you “mute” annoying Tweeters.

Simply put, you can mute someone on Twitter to avoid seeing their tweets (and retweets) from cluttering up your feed. Sure, you could just not follow a given person, but there are IRL social rules that often stick you with someone whose tweets you don’t want to see. You know how it goes.

Twitter muting

The muting feature appears to be for mobile iOS and Android clients, and the hilarious example cited in the wild is of Donald Trump. Yes, mute that guy, unless you’re a fan of unintentional comedy.

Muting is a feature of some third-party Twitter clients, and Facebook has a similar feature that lets you hide a user’s posts from your NewsFeed. Twitter is always testing new features, so you shouldn’t necessarily expect muting to roll out to you just yet, but it seems like something of an inevitability.