Twitter Japan Launches, WIth Ads

Why give them the opportunity to get used to an ad-free experience?  Twitter Japan is launching, but unlike the U.S.-based version, with ads from Day One.

In a conversation Tuesday evening, Joi Ito of Digital Garage, the Japanese company Twitter tasked with some of the Japanese localization, told me that Twitter decided to launch in Japan with ads from day one.

"Ads are important," Ito said. "It's always harder to add ads later. So we're launching with them in Japan."

According to Ito, Twitter Japan will have Toyota as one of its first advertisers. The car giant will have its own Twitter feed, and its ads will direct people to that feed. Users will be able to opt in for the feed.

"The idea is to get companies to have Twitter feeds," Ito said.

Japan is also even more cellphone crazy than the U.S., so the adoption rate is almost certain to be high, so why not try ads from the start?