Twitter Follows Facebook Down Wall Street, Announces IPO Plans

Another week, another tech-related IPO. While Facebook's stock has been on a long, mostly downward ride since its IPO, it recently surged past its initial offering price. Soon after, its archrival in the social networking space has decided to pull the trigger as well. Recently valued at over $10 billion, Twitter has announced today that it has filed paperwork for an IPO, and if all goes well, it'll be traded on the public market in the near future. Goldman Sachs is backing the IPO, and it's pretty clear that this company is going to be a hot one once it goes up for sale.

Twitter team shortly after the IPO announcement.

Twitter began as a niche service that only nerds would think of using, and now, it's a major trending tool that marketing firms the world over rely on to judge something's popularity. It has helped uprisings occur in foreign lands, and it has put a ton of fast-talking individuals into a lot of hot water. But it has become something of a normal thing in our conversations. The "@" handle and the hashtag are now becoming commonly recognized, and the Twitter language -- much like the texting language before it -- is just more commonplace these days.

Around five years after it was invented, Twitter is about to take over the mainstream in a major way. One can only hope that the fabric of it doesn't rip apart once it's required to generate billions for shareholders.