Twitter Adds Photos to Direct Messaging in Mobile App

With Twitter's stock price surging to new highs, now is a good time to focus on the mobile experience, which is where users are flocking to these days. That's not lost on Twitter, which just updated its app for Android and iOS devices to include the ability to share and view photos via direct message (DM) on your phone or tablet devices.

Those same photos can also be viewed on the desktop on Twitter's website. There's also a new tab in the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen to whisk users to the messaging service with a single tap rather than first having to open up the "Me" screen, as was the case before this latest update.

Messaging is becoming an important component in today's top apps. Facebook and Google both have focused on this area, and apps like SnapChat have exploded in popularity (and value). By putting more focus on messaging and making it more easily accessible, as this latest update has done, Twitter may be able to hold onto a user's attention a little longer and prevent them turning to other alternatives.

Twitter App

The newest version of Twitter for iOS and Android devices also introduces the ability to swipe from your Home timeline to the Discover timeline to find friends, popular tweets, and new accounts tailored for you. You can then swipe to your Activity timeline.

"There are a bunch of other great updates in this release. For example, on Twitter for iOS, new in-app notifications show you when people send you a DM or favorite, retweet and reply to your tweets," Twitter said in a blog post. "And on Twitter for Android, you can easily turn on mobile notifications for specific users by tapping the star on their profile."

You can download the new version of Twitter now.