Brought Down By Lizard Squad DDoS Attacks

The group known as Lizard Squad has certainly been busy. Since last week, the group has taken down multiple MMO companies and various networks that include Sony’s PlayStation Network and Blizzard’s Now Twitch can be added in the long list of targets the group has brought down with its DDoS attacks.

The DDoS attacks came the day after it was announced that Amazon had purchased Twitch for $970 million (Twitch is back up). On Tuesday, the day after the announcement, the servers went offline, preventing everyone from watching or streaming. Lizard Squad announced their attack on Twitch, just like it has with previous attacks, on its Twitter account stating, “RIP Twitch.” 

From there, the group went on to announce how everyone could get Twitch back up by tweeting, “Want #Twitch back up? Tweet us a picture with “lizard squad” written on your forehead with a sharpie.” Following the announcement, multiple people tweeted pictures to the account which issued another tweet, “The gods are happy. They have released their bounds from the Twitch site.”

However, Lizard Squad hasn't limited itself to just DDoS attacks. It was also responsible for grounding a plane that was carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley aboard. The group had tweeted to American Airlines that the plane was carrying explosives which resulted in the plane being grounding and the FBI called in to investigate.

Meanwhile, Lizard Squad’s constant announcements of its attacks on Twitter resulted in the suspension of its account. However, for reasons unknown, the account is live once again.