Twitch Will Begin Selling Video Games This Spring, Streamers To Receive Cut Of Revenue

Where do you purchase your video games? Amazon, Steam, brick and mortar stores? Video game fans have flocked to Twitch to stream, share, and watch gameplay on a regular basis, however, the platform will soon be selling video games as well. Twitch noted, “People already use Twitch as a way to ‘demo’ games and get a feel for what they’re all about before committing to a purchase.”
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How will the program work? If the person you  are watching is a “partnered” streamer, an offer to purchase the game you are watching will appear. This offer will appear below the video on the channel page if the game or in-game content is available on Twitch. When you purchase a game, the partnered streamer will receive a 5 percent share of the revenue. Streamers will receive 5 percent of the revenue from in-game purchases as well. 

Users who spend more than $4.99 will also receive a Twitch Crate that will contain game-specific emotes, a chat badge, or some Bits. The Crates will be randomly generated.


Users worldwide will be able to make purchases through a linked Amazon account. The games will be priced in United States dollars, however, support for additional currencies will be added later this year. Users will be able to download and play their games through the Twitch launcher or services like Uplay.

Twitch’s latest program will be launching some time in Spring 2017. Twitch has not released the names of any upcoming game titles, however, it is working with developers from Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Digital Extremes, Hi Rez Studios, Double Fine Games, Fred Wood, 11Bit, Jackbox Games, tinyBuild, Raw Fury, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Trion Worlds, Blue Mammoth Games, iNK Stories, Versus Evil, Proletariat, Paradox Interactive, Vlambeer and Campo Santo.
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