Twitch Updates Attire Policy To Combat Thirst Trap Streams

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Twitch is making more changes to its community guidelines regarding clothing after streamers found creative ways to skirt the rules. However, this caused an uproar among users who weren’t happy when this type of content became more readily available throughout Twitch. It was especially contentious because it showed up with thumbnail previews. The change in policy is effective beginning today.

Twitch didn’t mince any words when it comes to the reasoning for the changes, stating that it’s “in response to a recent meta on Twitch in which streamers use black censor bars or other items to block their bodies or clothing, or position the camera frame such that the viewer is led to believe that the streamer is fully or partially nude.”

The company also made clear to streamers that clothing needs to fully cover expected areas of the body, and that see-through clothing is not acceptable. It also reiterated the categorization requirements streamers need to adhere to when broadcasting content that has them near pools or hot tubs. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in an enforcement action.

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Twitch is hoping that these changes will help in calming parts of the community that were most upset by the risqué content popping up more often on the platform. The company says that its goal “is to make Twitch a safe and welcoming place for all of the communities that call it home, improve the clarity of our policies, and ensure that people have the experience they expect when spending time on Twitch.”

It’s probably frustrating for content creators to have to keep up with so many rule changes, but it’s good to see Twitch continuing to refine its policies. Especially as certain segments of streamers find new ways to push the boundaries of the rules.
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