Valorant Beta Access Just Got A Little Bit Easier Thanks To Twitch


Lots of gamers out there are excited to play the latest title from Riot Games: Valorant. Currently, the game is in closed beta, and players are clamoring to gain access. The devs behind Valorant announced recently that all Valorant Twitch streams could drop closed beta access as long as they are playing the game. However, there is a caveat to this announcement.

The devs are clear that the ability for Twitch streams to drop closed beta access keys doesn’t increase the number of drops being offered. Players can simply watch any Valorant stream to be eligible for access. Valorant drops can happen at all times, even when players are offline. Only players in Europe, Canada, the U.S., Turkey, Russia, and CIS countries are eligible for access to the closed beta.

Whether the gamer is eligible for access to the closed beta depends on the Riot account home-based region. Players should double-check that the region is set correctly if they want to gain access to the closed beta of the game. The developers also note that players in regions that don't yet have a closed beta should be patient. The team is moving as fast as possible to open the closed beta in the regions with Brazil, LATAM, and Korea coming soon, but no specific dates are offered yet.

Other tidbits pertaining to the closed beta include that the developers have increased the current closed beta server loads by 25 percent to meet demand and are ramping up even more. A few thousand of the "most engaged" streamers were manually given access as a thank you. Several account sellers have been banned and devs are actively tracking more to ban. Twitch streamers playing Valorant are reminded to enable in-game drops through their Twitch account if they want to be able to give away closed beta drops.

In other Valorant news, developers recently responded to fan anger over the Vanguard anti-cheat system.