TweetDeck Beta Comes To Android, Stirs Up Quite The Fuss

The Android faithful were pretty happy when Twitter launched their official mobile app on Google's mobile OS, and now they have another reason to celebrate. The app that's largely considered the best Twitter app for iPad (and Mac) is now official on Android, and it's making waves across the Web as it looks to put the official Twitter app in second place.

TweetDeck is based on Adobe's AIR platform, and it uses a unique column style to display tweets. It's one of the most user friendly Twitter interfaces out right now, and the Android beta actually collapses your Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and Foursquare updates into a single feed. The keeps everyone in one single application, and generally makes managing your social networking a lot easier.

Early reports on it are rather positive, but not everyone is being invited in just yet. Currently, it's an invite-only beta, which means that you may have to wait until TweetDeck hammers out a final version for release. The link below is a sign-up form if you'd like to get in early, but you know what they say about beta software. Can't live with it, can't live without it.