Turtle Beach's New Ear Force® PX1 PS3 Headphones

Turtle Beach has announced that PlayStation 3 enthusiasts can finally enjoy the same personal gaming experience as XBOX 360 gamers with the newest addition to its growing line of gaming headphones—the Ear Force PX1.

 By combining the Ear Force X1 headphones for amplified stereo game audio and the Audio Advantage® Amigo USB sound card for reliable and clear online chat, the Ear Force PX1 creates the definitive audio environment for playing popular PS3 titles such as Call of Duty® World at War, Fallout 3, and Guitar Hero® World Tour.

The Ear Force PX1 lets PS3 gamers concentrate on their game-play by hearing every nuance while avoiding the distraction of any noise around them.  The PX1 takes this a step further by combining PS3 online chat and the freedom to move around the room with an extra-long 16-foot headphone cable to deliver the privacy, realism, and competitive edge previously unattainable on the PS3 platform.  These headphones also allow gamers to play at any time of day or into the night without disturbing family or neighbors.

“XBOX gamers are familiar with our X-series headphones which improve XBOX gaming by combining enhanced game sound with XBOX Live chat, for a personal experience that isn’t possible with speakers and an XBOX Communicator,” said Jim Monsees, Director of Marketing for Turtle Beach.  “With the PX1, PS3 gamers can enjoy the same great gaming audio experience while chatting on line.”

Although primarily designed for PS3 gaming, the Ear Force PX1 headphones are also compatible with XBOX 360 consoles (with optional adapter cables) and the Audio Advantage Amigo can be used as a USB sound card for PCs or laptops.

The Ear Force PX1 headphones are available from the Turtle Beach web site www.turtlebeach.com at a price of $79.95.