Turtle Beach Rolls Out Ear Force XP400 and XP300 Wireless Headsets at CES 2012

The folks at Turtle Beach know a thing or three about ear candy and so it's no surprise that the gurus of gaming audio used the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to unveil a couple of new headsets, the Ear Force XP300 and Ear Force XP400. Both are fully wireless operating on dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, and are optimized for use on the Xbox 360 console.

"Interference from common 2.4 GHz wireless devices like game consoles, routers, telephones and other gadgets is now a thing of the past with these new headsets," said Michael Arzt, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Turtle Beach. "Not only have we jumped to the 5GHz spectrum, completely avoiding the crowded 2.4GHz band, we've also adopted the Wi-Fi specification so our headsets can coexist within the wireless-LAN spectrum rather than search for free space around LAN signals. Adding dual-pairing Bluetooth chat from the XP500 and a rechargeable battery makes these headsets perfect for Xbox 360 owners, who want premium performance and convenience."

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300

In addition to dual-band Wi-Fi, the Ear Force XP300 features dual-pairing Bluetooth, a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery good for up to 15 hours of uninterrupted gameplay, multiple EQ presets, dynamic chat boost, a variable microphone monitor, and an auxiliary input. It will ship in Q1 2012 for $170.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400

The Ear Force XP400 boasts the same overall specs and adds Dolby Surround Sound support for 360 degrees of audio, a 'Blast Limiter' to reduce the effect of loud in-game sounds, digital optical connection, and a digital pass-through. It will also ship in Q1 2012, for $220.