Turtle Beach PX5 Headset Gets Custom Audio For Dead Space 2

Turtle Beach had a good thing going with the PX5 headset, and they still do. In fact, good is getting even better. The company has just announced the PX5 Advanced Sound Editor, and Dead Space 2 by Visceral Games is the first title to receive a custom developer-made preset list. The idea is simple: the PX5 accepts customized presets based on individual games, so each one could theoretically be custom tailored for use with the headset. If you're a fan of precision audio, you'll be a fan of this concept.

The idea was revealed at GDC 2011, and we highly doubt this marks the end of them. The PX5 Advanced Sound Editor software tool for the soon to launch PX5 Programmable Wireless Dolby Surround Sound headset will enable devs to customize presets for their titles, and now that Dead Space 2 is onboard, it seems like just a matter of time before other devs get on the same train.

The PX5 Advanced Sound Editor software was created with game developers in mind and allows game sound designers to create original, custom settings for the PX5 headset that can directly impact players’ in-game audio experience.  It provides access to every parameter in the PX5’s internal Digital Signal Processor, allowing detailed control over the microphone, chat and game sound.  These settings are saved as Presets which can be uploaded into the PX5 headset via the USB connection. The presets for mic, chat and game channels can be saved independently and combined into a master preset, allowing for different combinations. For example, each channel offers an adjustable multi-band EQ that allows developers to change the frequency response of the mic, chat or game sound depending on the game situation, while Sonic Lens™ technology brings the ability to focus on very specific audio cues, such as the quietest footsteps of an opponent amid chaos, or the roar of a racecar coming up fast from behind you.

The Dead Space 2 presets from Visceral Games, along with a variety of other custom presets, will soon be available through the Turtle Beach website as part of a PX5 headset owners’ area.  This portal will include the software to enable easy downloading and installation of new presets to the PX5 headset.  PX5 users will be able to access, share and discuss these custom-made presets to enhance their overall enjoyment of their favorite games and PX5 headset.  In addition, the custom PX5 presets can also be made available via the games’ official and community sites.