Tuesday Morning Menu

This morning, we have some interesting news tidbits to keep you amused on an otherwise lackluster day. From price cuts, price hikes, and an extremely thorough roundup there is bound to be something for everyone on this morning's menu.

ATI Stealthily Raises Card Price @ The Inquirer

"The X1800XT, according to a recent ATI memo making the rounds, is now $599, and according to one dealer 'no one can go below that'. Since supply is so tight, you can be pretty well assured that no one will risk allocation by going low."

Leadtek GeForce 7800 Roundup @ Beyond3D

"Therefore, the best choice out of the three Leadtek products and the one that has to be highly recommended is the 7800 GT TDH Extreme - although still quite expensive, one would purchasing a card with a wide range of capabilities, supported by the appropriate software and hardware, that also performs very well. If one can find this model, it is certainly worth buying."

GeForce 6800 GS for $199 (already!) @ HardOCP

"I was wondering how long it would be till we saw prices drop on the 6800 GS that was hard launched Monday morning. It seems as though we are now seeing a price that is $50 below the MSRP of $249. ClubIT is pre-selling the EVGA GeForce 6800 GS for the low price of $199.99, and they are throwing in FREE ground shipping. ClubIT expects to ship out on 11/8/2005, and at that price, it is certainly a bargain for the performance."

Arctic Cooling Interview @ NGOHQ

"Q:As ATI and NVIDIA continue to do battle in the high end graphcis card market; do you see air cooled solutions being sufficient to keep up or a quickly dying breed? Is other more powerful and expensive means of cooling an inevitable necessity?

A: There is still a lot of potential in air cooling. We will definitely be able to keep up the pace for the next few years. New much more powerful and even quieter VGA cooling devices will be released early next year."


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